History and Vision

How did BCCI get started?

BCCI started in 2019 to fulfill unmet needs that are prevelant in the Bartlett community. For some it’s as simple as a lack of a support network for daily life and chores, and for others its support for devestating family and financial situations, or a need for support on their long road ahead of conquering drug addiction. While there are great services available to help some get initial help, there remains a gap of connection and long-term support.

What is the Vision of BCCI?

What if we, as a community, could rise up, unite and care for our neighbors in times of need? What if we could equip our police department to go above and beyond as they serve with care? What if we could be a community that flourished on all levels?

By partnering with the Bartlett Police BCCI will strengthen the community of Bartlett by providing opportunities for mutual care and ease of access of resources for the flourishing of our residents. We want to see our community flourish long-term and elevated by allowing those who want to step up and stand in the gap for their neighbors in the local community.

BCCI is an extension of the ministry of Village Church of Bartlett in collaboration with the Bartlett Police Department. It is supported by a fund that Village Church oversees and manages. Almost 100% of donations will go toward BCCI and helping the people of Bartlett.  This fund will equip officers with the opportunity to care for our community in a deeper way!

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