Phase 3 - Demo

Phase 3 – Coming Soon!

We are in the process of creating a new website where people can find help when they are in need. This new site will be ground-breaking because of the way it is being built. When a person (or someone they love) is struggling with issues such as addiction, mental illness, family/domestic issues, or financial/home needs, they need a tool that is simple and rewarding to use. This web tool will be just that. Check out the images below to see how it works!

how does phase 3 work?

step 1: select type of need

** Notice that there are only four options. By limiting the number of options, decision fatigue is reduced. Also, each choice is in a large button, so it is easy to select, whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device. **

step 2: example: “addiction recovery”

**  Again, there are only four simple options. **

step 3: example: “emergency”

**  If they select “EMERGENCY – GET HELP NOW,” they now only have 2 options. Selecting either of these options on a mobile phone will immediately take the user to the dial screen, with the number already entered. All they have to do is tap “SEND.” **

step 3: example: “GO TO A TREATMENT CENTER”

**  If they select “GO TO A TREATMENT CENTER,” they will then answer a few more simple questions like those pictured below. Again, every question is simple, and has limited options, so the experience for the user is as obstacle-free as possible!” **

results page

The primary goal of BCCI is to remove as many barriers to help as possible, and this remains true in the results page!

Once the user has completed a few of these simple questions, he/she will end up with a short list of treatment centers, resources, or other contacts (as applicable). Results will be limited to care providers and resources that we have personally curated. They must be applicable to the user, available for new customers, and trustworthy.

(Within this list will be options to sort by insurance provider or other criteria, but that will be optional.)