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When service requests come in, we need a list of people who can help. Would you like to be on that list? Let us know your info and any skills or equipment you can contribute in the form below.


 Thank you!


BCCI is committed to seeing Bartlett flourish. We meet the needs of our community by serving our community. Stay tuned for our next “Day of Service.”


We need your investment in Bartlett in three ways:

1. SUGGEST: Use your voice to suggest a need or project. Look around you, who needs care? What do they need? What can we do to help?

2. VOLUNTEER: Bring your family and bring your neighbors. Join us with your hands and heart to serve our neighbors. *Signup for this event is closed, but you can still sign up to be on the BCCI general volunteers list. 

3. SPONSOR: Community projects are 100% sponsored by generous donors and business partners like you.  Help equip our people-power into a force for good.

suggest a service or project

 If you or someone you know needs help, let us know. Just click the link below and submit the form, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up a service project.