Meeting Needs Through Community

Many people in Bartlett are struggling with issues like:

  • Addiction
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Needs
  • Financial Needs
  • Family/Domestic Problems

What if we, as a community, could help care for our neighbors in times of need?


“Many people don’t have access to resources or support at the level they should, either due to financial constraints or lack of understanding about what’s available. BC3 is here to change that, making mental health treatment, addiction recovery support, and other supportive resources more readily available right here in our neighborhood.”

What if we could BETTER equip our police department to “serve with care”?


“We feel the BC3 is a real, tangible way we can make an impact on a personal level in our community and help our police department continue to serve with care.”

What if we could be a community that flourished on all levels?


“Being able to serve people when they’re feeling most alone or most vulnerable is one of the things we’re passionate about…”