Find Help.
Help Others.
Build Our Community.

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Sometimes, you just need help.

Whether you need financial support, access to mental health treatment, addiction recovery support, or other resources, it can be hard to know what your options are or where to start.

Other times, you’re in a place where you can help others.

Finding a place where you can volunteer your time or talents to help others can be difficult or confusing, especially if you want to serve in your own community.

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Bartlett Community Care Collective creates opportunities for our neighbors to find support, volunteer to help their neighbors, and equip our police department to serve with care.

Everyone faces struggles in life, and we want to work together to help each other as neighbors, police, businesses, churches, and individuals! To do this, we equip:

Our Community to Serve Their Community

Many people in Bartlett need help with issues or projects in their homes or yards. Others in Bartlett want to serve others, but don’t know how. If you or your neighbor need help, BC3 is the place to go!

Bartlett Police Department to Serve with Care

BC3 raises funds to equip our officers to care for the vulnerable in our community through Uber rides to drug/alcohol treatment; hotel rooms for victims of violent crimes or domestic abuse; train rides to mental health services; and more!

Community Members to Find Support

Whether you need help at home, food, shelter, or a boost finding a new job, we have a team of people ready to help get you back on your feet. We’ll connect you with resources you need.

About BC3

Bartlett Community Care Collective (BC3) is a 501c3 extension of the ministry of the Village Church of Bartlett in collaboration with the Bartlett Police Department and the Village of Bartlett. These three organizations formed BC3 in 2019 to fulfill unmet needs that continue to occur in our own backyard. Our goal is to see Bartlett flourish by uniting our neighbors to care for one another in times of need.