three ASPECTS OF bC3

The main goal of BC3 (formerly BCCI) is for Bartlett to flourish. Everyone faces struggles in life, and we want to work together to help each other as neighbors, police, businesses, churches, and individuals!

This happens through three different phases/aspects of BC3: 

  1. Equipping OUR community to serve THEIR community
  2. Equipping Bartlett Police to “serve with care”
  3. Equipping those in need to find next steps

#1. Equip our community to serve their community


Do you want to help others in Bartlett, but don’t know how to help?

Many people in Bartlett need help with issues or projects in their homes. Others in Bartlett want to serve others, but don’t know how. With the BCCI website, now you can submit projects and other opportunities to help right here! If you or someone you know needs help, let us know. Just click the link below to submit the form, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up a service project.

sign up to volunteer

If you are looking to volunteer for the most immediate needs or upcoming opportunities, click the button below to “VOLUNTEER.” Fill out the form, and we’ll add you to our list of volunteers.

#2. Equip Bartlett PD to “Serve with Care”

BC3 is an extension of the ministry of Village Church of Bartlett, in collaboration with the Bartlett Police Department. It is supported by a fund that Village Church oversees and manages. 100% of donations will go toward BC3 and helping the people of Bartlett.  This fund will equip officers with the opportunity to care for our community in a deeper way!

Through this fund, we will enable the Bartlett Police to provide…

  • Uber rides for people in need of drug/alcohol treatment,
  • Hotel rooms for victims of violent crimes or domestic abuse,
  • Train rides to mental health services,
  • Service projects in Bartlett for residents who need help,
  • and much more!

If you would like to donate to this fund to help Bartlett Police “Serve With Care,” just click the button below for more info.

#3. Equip our community to find next steps

The last phase, which we are in the process of creating, is a new website where people can find help when they are in need. This new site will be ground-breaking because of the way it is being built. When a person needs help, they need a tool that is simple and rewarding to use. This web tool will be just that. Click the link below for more information on this exciting “Phase 3” website!